The Rise Of Instagrammable Foods – Does It Need To Taste Good?

Think back to the last time you had a gorgeous plate of food in front of you. How inclined were you to take a well-lit photo of it at the best angle and share it with friends? And that’s even before you’d taken a single bite.

We are so used to seeing the ins and outs of people’s lives on social media now that even a shot of a celebrity’s breakfast could rack up millions of likes. But are we so hung up on the presentation of our food that we’ve forgotten what it is all about? 

Vanilla Bean Catering has always been well known for its luxury and pretty quirky way of presenting their dishes. Whether it be a corporate event or an outdoor wedding – they certainly don’t do things by halves. 

The team are well-versed in the social trends of extravagant food partnerships and the weird and wonderful experiences shared by celebrities online. Let’s be honest – if it doesn’t look good, they won’t post it. 

The dishes prepared by the catering team at Vanilla Bean are tailored to the guests, venue and event. But each and every one is carefully structured to reflect a different style and theme. This leaves you with multi-coloured pastries, deconstructed desserts and food served in matchboxes…

But one thing they are sure not to skimp on is the flavour. As much as the presentation screams WOW – the taste reflects that notion. A customer of theirs described the menu as “Mouthwatering morsels and exquisite food designed for every task.”

At a premium level like this, it’s exactly what you’d expect – the full package. From the bespoke experience Vanilla Bean offers to the ingenious plating and gorgeous flavours – it all comes together in harmony. 

However, when we think about those celebrities gaining millions of followers per post and earning amazing amounts of money for promotion – it doesn’t always match our own views. 

Oftentimes, the sole purpose here is to demonstrate the capabilities of a restaurant or chef and increase exposure online. And when you’re promoting in this way, fans can’t try the food – they’re just looking at it. So it is more important than ever to create a visual impact.

Just like in television adverts, you may not even be looking at the real thing. Foam or cardboard topped with edible flowers and icing does the job perfectly for visual advertising. If no one is meant to eat it – the taste doesn’t matter. 

The difference really lies in the purpose of the photos. For, let’s say ‘normal’ people, a food picture will be inspired by the presentation and taste of a dish. We want to share our recommendations and experiences with family and friends.

A promotional post will simply be used as a contractual asset. Even if the celeb has to eat the food for a video post – they can fake a reaction! 

Catering companies like Vanilla Bean combine the two ideas and produce beautiful dishes that both look and taste amazing. Why? Because clients and guests are going to do both. It just goes to show the implications of social media and how we must remember to recognise what is advertising and what is real life. 

Any wedding or party deserves the food to be a showpiece. That’s why we rely on companies like this to provide the best of both worlds!

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