Why Fort Lauderdale Is a Perfect Place for a Getaway with Friends

Florida has always been a hot spot for vacationers, but more people are getting interested and wanting to enjoy this city for themselves! So if you’re intrigued and want to bring a bunch of friends along to sneak away from your daily lives: here are the top places in Fort Lauderdale that can mix excitement and fun!

NSU Art Museum Fort Lauderdale

This museum looks like a piece of art itself.  From the modern and awesome architecture outside to the beautiful details inside, you won’t want to look away.  This museum encourages photo ops, saying the best way to show off the art is to take pictures and share them, so don’t be afraid to take selfies with the group, showing off your interest in the arts while supporting them in one go!

Hugh Taylor Birch State Park

There’s nothing quite like finding a beach without crowds. Hugh Taylor Birch State Park has everything from beautiful forests to serene beaches and anything else you could need to get a break from work and daily life.  A fun way to spend time with friends could be to plan a hiking excursion and get to know the incredible beaches and trails. Although this isn’t a celebrity-studded area like you’d find in NYC or LA: this state park will still have you feeling starstruck by its beauty.

Butterfly World

Butterflies have been an interesting symbol of beauty for thousands of years.  When thinking about Fort Lauderdale houses for sale or vacations, few people consider the butterfly parks. Still, this conservatory lets visitors walk through the many steps of a butterfly’s life and get to see the final result as it comes forward from its chrysalis. Your entire friend group will be stunned by the beauty and want to spend hours wandering through the premises.

Jungle Queen Riverboat

If walking isn’t your style, and you want to travel with leisure: the Jungle Queen riverboat is your best bet!  This ferry offers a chance to float down the river and enjoy a tour of the city that you couldn’t find anywhere else. Not only does this ride provide an opportunity to sit back and enjoy the views, the slightly rocking water, and fresh air will push away whatever stress remains from your daily life.

The Fort Lauderdale Antique Car Museum

If butterflies and state parks aren’t your friend group’s speed, maybe a walk through some of the most incredible antique cars can change the mood!  The Fort Lauderdale Antique Car Museum has thousands of models, each beautiful and different in its way.  You can learn the history of car shows, get to know how car manufacturing became what it is today, and get to see vehicles so rare and beautiful that most people only witness them through photographs.  

Fort Lauderdale is a gorgeous and vibrant city that could inspire any friends to get closer: give it a try, and you’ll fall in love as well!

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