5 Most Expensive Vape Mods In 2021

Shopping for vape products might not be such a walk in the park for most vape fans. There are vital features that one has to consider before parting with their hard-earned bucks.

For instance, the brand of the vape product gives the client a sneak preview of what to expect. Another factor that most vape enthusiasts consider to be of utmost importance is the price.

It somewhat gives leads to some of the most excellent vape products and issues red flags on the ones to avoid. On that note, here are five of the most expensive vape mods in 2021.

Sophia, Shisha Sticks

It’s quite enthralling that a vape mod can cost as much as $887,000. This is the price tag for the Sophia Sticks vape mod and has drawn the attention of most vape fanatics.

The story behind this vape mod’s expensive price tag is that it contains diamonds, gold, and crystals lined up on the exterior. All of these precious stones are genuine and are nowhere near counterfeit.

At the top of the vape mod is a diamond that weighs about 6 carats. This pretty much sums up why one would want to pay so much for a vape mod. It took the manufacturer about four and a half months to put together this creative and astonishing device.

Once the Sophia Shisha Sticks became a victorious vape sensation, they got to work and produced it in bulk for anyone who’d like to spoil themselves. Underneath the costly gems lined up at the exterior is a vape mod that plays the same function as ordinary devices of its kind.

Its durability status is on a whole new level considering its elements are genuine. Proper care and maintenance practices such as correct storage methods go a long way in ensuring it lasts long.

T126650 Top Hat Vape Mod

The Top Hat Company has come a long way in creating and manufacturing unique vape products for its customers. The T126650 vape mod is not an exception since it exudes excellence in its tracks.

Thanks to its stylish designs, vapers would be more than glad to use it in public as it helps them make a statement. The inlay is made of wood, making it easier to differentiate it from all its counterparts.

Not to mention the maximum comfort of holding it when vaping due to its titanium shell. Vapers wouldn’t mind holding it for hours on end since their comfort is guaranteed.

It goes for $10,000 and is worth every penny because every vape mod model from the Top Hat Company symbolizes class and luxury. When looking for online retailers get the best vape flavors from kure, they might be a viable option.

Vapers are advised to make their purchases from verified retailers and vendors to avoid counterfeit products. It’s usually not easy to come across the T126650 Top Hat vape mod since it’s in high demand.

Otto Carter

The one thing that makes it attain its current price tag is the manufacturer’s ability to pay attention to detail. Their craftsmanship skills are out of this world, and they strive always to give their products a feel of perfection and excellence.

The Otto Carter vape mod currently stands at $3,000, but buyers are usually on the prowl for the $1000 price tag. This is most difficult to come across due to its high demand.

Another reason for its pricey tag is that manufacturers will only get to work on requests. Crafting it and coming up with unique designs takes time and effort on their side.

Anyone interested in giving it a try must call and place their order to set the ball rolling. The Otto Carter vape mod first made it to the limelight through a firearms expert that set out to put his skills to the test.

The very first product of its kind became an instant sensation that got vape enthusiasts talking.

Elite V2 Vape Mod, Gepetto

All certified vape enthusiasts are familiar with the Gepetto company that deals in customized vape mods and kits. It grew popular because its product was the first that set the pace in the vaping industry.

With time, other companies borrowed a leaf from their craft and took their invention higher. The Elite V2 Vape Mod has redefined comfort in vaping through its excellent and convenient design.

Vapers may have noticed a gold screw on the Elite V2 Vape Mod model. This plays the role of holding the battery in place and keeping it secure. The gold screw also sets it apart from other vape mods and helps vapers differentiate it.

The Elite V2 Vape mod costs $2,500 and livens up its most outstanding features to eager vapers.

DotBling, DotMod

The DotBling vape mod has gone through the hands of experienced jewelers. They have poured their expertise and skills into the entire project and successfully developed a vaping sensation that got tongues wagging.

It’s available in gold and silver colors and costs $1,850, and is not easy to come by. So far, manufacturers have only been able to produce only about two hundred pieces.


While vaping is a highly therapeutic activity, doing it in style makes all the difference. Finding the best vape mod options might be an uphill task, especially without credible sources for genuine leads.

The most expensive vape mods have unique features that set them apart from all the others. The material used in their manufacture is a major contributing factor.

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