Creamy Pasta with Bresaola Recipe

Creamy pasta with bresaola

Creamy pasta with bresaola. In short; delicious!
You should not underestimate easy-cooked dishes when you have good ingredients. Creme fraiche with sun-dried tomato and fat was a spice in itself. Easy cooked and super good! A weekday dinner too long to come home from work.

Ingredients Creamy Pasta with Bresaola Recipe

  • 4 servings pasta (preferably spiral)
  • 150 g haricots verts
  • 3 tomatoes
  • 2 dl cream cheese with sun-dried tomato/feta
  • 1/2 cup milk or pasta water
  • 140 g bresaola
  • 65 g of arugula

How to prepare

  • Cook the pasta according to the instructions on the package.
  • Cook the beans together with the pasta when about 3 minutes of cooking time remains.
  • Cut the tomatoes into pieces.
  • Pour off the pasta (save 1/2 dl of the water for 4 port if you do not want to use milk). Put the saucepan back on the plate and stir in the crème Fraiche and milk (or pasta water) in the saucepan and bring to a boil.
  • Mix the pasta in the crème Fraiche.
  • Serve the pasta with bresaola, tomatoes, and arugula.

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