How to Choose the Best Small Microwave Oven for Your Home? 5 Advice Tips

The perfect microwave oven can make even the most reluctant cook feel like a gourmet chef. Reheating leftovers, defrosting meals, even preparing whole dinner parties feels a lot less daunting when we have modern technology on our side. However, we often get so used to relying on our microwave that when it breaks, we feel a little lost. On top of this, choosing a new microwave can feel overwhelming as there is such a range of choice and style on display. Fortunately, we have prepared a list of things you might want to consider before you choose a small microwave oven for your home.

1.  Large or Small Microwave Oven

Size is paramount when selecting a new microwave oven. Microwaves come in a variety of sizes. In general, however, the largest range up to about 2 cubic feet and can hold large kitchen appliances like roasting pans or casserole dishes. A microwave of this size will take up considerable room in your kitchen and will cost more than a small microwave oven. Purchasing a microwave at this size will generally mean that you want to use it regularly.

When you do, you’ll also want to do some substantial, heavy-duty cooking not just heating up ready meals. In contrast, small microwave oven sizes are generally around 0.5 feet and should hold regular sized plates and other small kitchen appliances. The benefits of a smaller microwave oven are, of course, space-saving. However, small doesn’t have to mean simple. Brands like Toshiba and Samsung offer models at less than 1.5 cubic feet which have a range of cooking applications and functions.

2.  Pricing for Small Microwave Oven

Greater size also equals greater cost when it comes to microwaves. The upper end of the scale, microwaves can cost hundreds. If you’re on a tight budget, however, a microwave purchase doesn’t have to break the bank. Although you probably won’t find a small microwave oven under $40, finding one under $100 or even under $70, is perfectly feasible. If you’re wondering about the price of a small microwave oven, Comfee’s range offers lightweight, low price styles with a range of settings. Perfect for heating up lunches and for frequent, casual use.

3.  Portability

Portability is important when it comes to choosing a microwave as these ovens can be purchased and installed in several different ways. For example, you might want a small microwave oven for camping which can use a battery or remote power source. Or you might want to make your microwave a feature of your kitchen with a built-in option. Here are some terms you should know when choosing an instant oven:

4.      Counter-top

A counter-top microwave is what most people think of as the standard design. These microwaves are portable and can be plugged in straight out of the box. This is best to choose if you are renting and anticipate another move in your future. Or if you want to move your microwave from home and have it as a small microwave oven for office use.

5.      Built-in

A built-in microwave is installed into part of your kitchen unit and is a better option for homeowners who plan to cook with it a lot. A built-in microwave is more costly to install so you might want to go more elaborate with features to get your money’s worth. Try a small microwave oven with grill inbuilt or an air-fry setting for quick, healthy meals.

6.  Kitchen Design

Interior design is important to most homeowners and, when you’re purchasing a small microwave oven, you want it to fit in with your overall design aesthetic. Luckily, microwaves come in a variety of designs and do not have to stand out in your kitchen. Panasonic creates chic small microwave oven stainless steel designs which will blend in with other units, while Samsung’s mirror effect microwave offers a sleek new age feel.

7.  Power or Wattage

Knowing the power or wattage of your small microwave oven is useful as it helps you understand what your oven is capable of. Do your research before you purchase it. Otherwise, you might end up with a microwave that is not powerful enough for what you want or that it too powerful and is a waste of money for you. Increased wattage means that your microwave will be faster and more powerful – perfect for more elaborate concoctions.


Whatever microwave you choose, be sure to check out a range of styles and options before you buy. A huge variety is available and there is something for everyone online and small microwave ovens are more affordable than ever before. You’ll soon be whipping up fabulous instant dishes or wowing your friends with your culinary skills.

How did you decide which type of microwave was best for you? What’s your priority when it comes to microwave cooking? Share your tips in the comments!

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Nellie Rodriguez is a blogger, content creator, and keen home cook. Nellie has a degree in marketing and writes articles that specialize in interior design, real estate, and home and cookware. On top of managing her own business, Nellie organizes international conventions and promotional events for women in business.

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